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Clear Lake Invasive Mussel Preparedness and Resilience Plan Exercise

June 20-21, 2023


Meeting Recording Day 1 Meeting Recording Day 2


After Action Report

Goal: Conduct a discussion-based event that will allow contributors to examine jurisdictions, roles and responsibilities, capabilities, triggers, notifications, resources, and possible actions to a realistic scenario of dreissenid mussel discovery in Clear Lake, California. 

Core Capabilities: An exploration of the skills, equipment, resources, authorities, and accessibility of local capabilities under the scenario. Various areas will focus on use and execution of whole community interactions during the exercise.


Evaluation: Identification of methods to determine if capabilities have been met.

  • Prevention and Planning

    • Objective 1: Successfully convene Lake County partners to examine and refine a dreissenid mussel response process in 2023. 

      • Evaluation: Execute exercise. All contributors complete post-evaluation survey that identifies strengths and challenges, and informs the Lake County Integrated Preparedness and Resilience Plan for Dreissenid Mussel Management actions.

  • Communication and Public Information

    • Objective 1: Effectively engage media to foster increased awareness of preparedness.

      • Evaluation: Press engagement results in adequate coverage that raises awareness of the need for dreissenid mussel preparedness. 

    • Objective 2: Raise awareness of the potential for an introduction of invasive mussels in Clear Lake, their potential effects on community and natural resources, and likely responses to a potential introduction (e.g., water treatment, mandatory watercraft inspections, etc.).

      • Evaluation: Local community members have increased awareness about the potential for an introduction of invasive mussels and their likely effects.

  • Operational Coordination

    • Objective 1: Harmonize roles and responsibilities of major contributing entities for effective response. 

      • Evaluation: Solutions are suggested to build capacity; Agreement is determined, MOU created between entities, unresolved issues are documented for follow-up.

  • Interdiction and Disruption

    • Objective 1: Confirm and refine effective methods, tools, and prioritization techniques to prevent the spread of dreissenid mussels in Lake County. 

      • Evaluation: A suite of solutions is suggested to address response possibilities that influence long-term containment.

Whole community participation (entities that should be responsible for response actions actively participate and contribute to control actions and monitoring).

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